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"Who says you have to have short hair to use these? I have long hair, but unfortunately it's thinner than I wish it was. My hair extensions actually add the volume I have been looking for, but look so natural at the same time."
-Tessa, 29



Melissa - 20" Straight Halo - 120g


The Melissa is our striking black shade. She has cool undertones that creates a gorgeous luminosity for even the mos... More


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Before & After

Look stunning before and after...but have more fun after ;)

How To Apply

It only takes a few minutes to apply Untangled® Halo Hair Extensions

  • Step 1

    Pin Up

    Section off the top layer of your hair and pin to the top of your head

  • Step 2

    Place On

    Place the wire around the crown of your head

  • Step 3

    Pull Through

    Let down the pinned up pieces of hair and pull the front pieces over the halo wire with a comb

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