Untangled Customer Reviews

I partnered with Untangled before launch of the product and I am glad I did. I have a hard time finding extensions that don't hurt my head and damage my natural hair. But, these are a dream. -Piper

They are adjustable and blend so well. I have hair that looks like a different color depending on the light I stand in. These Untangled hair extensions transform with my hair color and pick up different tones of color based on the lighting. I am so impressed that I will recommend them to everyone. -Jennifer

Who says you have to have short hair to use these? I have long hair, but unfortunately it's thinner than I wish it was. My hair extensions actually add the volume I have been looking for, but look so natural at the same time. -Jessica

I have been looking everywhere for these hair extensions. I am anti-remy hair, because of the way they are sourced...but, all of the options for synthetic are terrible and feel fake. But, after months of searching I found these Untangled hair extensions, that look, feel and act like real hair. I triple checked with their customer service before purchasing to make sure they weren't human or horse hair and have found the perfect synthetic hair extensions. -Amanda

Synthetic hair extensions that don't smell like they are melting when heated. I am obsessed! These extensions look like my real hair, and are so comfortable I sometimes forget I am wearing them (I've even fallen asleep in them). I would recommend these to my best friends, all day....and can't wait to see what other products they come out with! -Sarah

Who doesn't love an Ariana Grande inspired Ponytail?! This ponytail looks so real that I wear it all the time and feel like I am a different person every time I wear it. -Melissa

It's beautiful and I feel extra confident when I wear it. I love my extra long ponytail. - Nicole

I don't usually wear my hair in a ponytail because of my face shape...but, the length is exactly what I am missing from my own hair. I love it and love the way it looks when I wear it. -Stephanie

This hair style is the chignon of 2019! Everyone should own one! -Elizabeth

These ponytails look and feel so real and they don't hurt my head when I wear them. They are definitely my go to when I am running late for work, but still need to look like I have it all together. it takes me all of 30 seconds to put it in my hair. A definite win for my Monday's! -Crystal

I love that these ponytails can take heat, so I can style them however I want. This ponytail is the perfect accessory to go from day to night! I wear it all the time and get compliments on my hair every time I do. -Amy

I am so glad that I purchased the color wheel! I was able to confirm my hair color and it even came in a cute bag that I will store my extensions in when they come! -Michelle

The color wheel is amazing. I love that there are at least 2 colors that match me, and I can pick the one that I like more. -Heather

I love the color wheel and being able to match my own hair, before committing and buying the product. -Tiffany