About Untangled

Who We Are

We refused to sacrifice the quality and respect of women for our looks!  At UNTANGLED, we have not been able to find remy hair extensions that are proven to be sourced without cruelty or disrespect to women, so we refuse to sell them.  Instead, we have created the highest quality synthetic hair extensions available, so our customers can feel beautiful inside and out.

Our Mission

Untangled Hair Extensions provides premium, high-quality hair extensions for woman who are looking for an easy way to transform their look. We transparently source the best materials we can to fill our shop with a range of products at an accessible price point that doesn’t compromise quality. We promise to be a resource for our girls so they can achieve the hair they’ve always wanted, no matter what stage of life they’re at!  

Our Shop

Our Synthetic Hair Extensions and Synthetic Ponytails are made from high-heat resistant fibers that can withstand low-grade heat from your everyday styling products, like flat irons and curling irons, so you can truly lock in a natural finish! Plus, our halo application technique makes styling our extensions convenient and quick, because we know life gets busy.

Color Match

Our Synthetic Hair Extensions are offered in a range of natural looking solid and ombre colors. With our clear packaging design, you can match your hair color to the extensions in the comfort of your own home without having to break the seal. If you decide your hair color isn’t quite a match - no worries! You can send back the unsealed bag within 30 days of your purchase and find a better match for your beautiful locks.