Caring for Your Hair Extensions

How to Store Your Premium Hair Extensions

Store your hair extensions in the original box they came in to ensure their smooth texture and overall shine.

Cleaning & Upkeep for Your Extensions

  • If you are wearing your Synthetic Hair Extensions everyday, we recommend washing it every three weeks with a very gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • Prior to washing your hair extensions, gently detangle your hair extensions with The Untangled Pin Tail Comb

    Wash Your Untangled Hair Extensions

    • Fill a bowl with cold water - not hot, because it will heat the synthetic fibers 
    • Mix a capful of gentle/baby shampoo into the water
    • Immerse your Untangled Synthetic Hair Extensions in the water and allow it to soak for a few minutes
    • Place your Synthetic Hair Extensions in a fresh bowl of cold water to remove shampoo.
    • Do not squeeze or wring out your extensions

    Condition Your Untangled Hair Extensions

    • Apply a gentle conditioner directly to your Synthetic Hair Extensions, stroking the hair down from roots to ends
    • Leave the conditioner for 4–5 minutes
    • Rinse one last time by placing the Synthetic Hair Extensions in fresh, cold water

    How To Dry Your Untangled Hair Extensions

    • Place the hair between a folded towel 
    • Pat dry and be gentle on your Untangled Synthetic Hair Extensions
    • Lightly style the Untangled Synthetic Hair Extensions with your Untangled Pin Tail Comb with a wig comb or your fingers.
    • Place your Untangled Synthetic Hair Extensions in an area where they can air dry naturally

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