No Commitment Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions without the hassle of going to the salon and avoid the breakage of more permanent extensions!

  • ✔️ Heat Resistant
  • ✔️ Matches ANY hair color
  • ✔️ Length + Volume without the damage
  • ✔️ Heat Resistant
  • ✔️ Matches ANY hair color
  • ✔️ Length + Volume without the damage


Love the Halo!


Untangled halo extensions are so easy to apply and gives you an instant volume to any hair style plus they are made from heat resistant fibers that can withstand your everyday styling products up to 250 degrees F!!!! And the quality is amazing!

- Marianela L.
The Perfect Color Match!


Because of the color ring, I don't have to guess which shade is fit for my hair. This is a perfect idea!

- Daphne R.
Best Extensions


Wow! This is my first time purchasing synthetic extensions and I was extremely suprised of easily I could style them, since they’re heat resistant! I feel so feminine and natural. I especially like how they don’t hurt my hair or pull on it like other clip on hair extensions do.

- Daniela R.

Get The Hair You've Always Dreamed Of

Longer Hair

Our Halo Hair extensions are the easiest way to add length with realistic hair while allowing you to play around with hair color, texture, and style.
Thicker Hair

The Halo extensions add twice the volume immediately without the commitment of semi-permanent extensions.
Change Your Style

Rock a different hairstyle for different occasions within minutes with the easy-to-wear halo extensions without the expensive salon styling.

Avoid DESTROYING Your Hair With Semi-Permanent Extensions

K-Tip Hair Extensions

These hair extensions use heat to bond the keratin tip to the hair. This can cause heat damage, and sometimes damage the scalp due to allergic reactions. Our hair extensions require no commitment you can remove them just as easily as you put them in, leaving no damage.
Tape-In Hair Extension
Sticking extensions with tape can easily lead to hair loss once you remove the tape. Prevent your hair from being ripped off your scalp by using halo hair extensions instead. Our product contains an invisible wire, instead of sticky substances, so you can add long, beautiful locks while preserving the hair you already have.
Weave-In Extensions
With weave-in extensions, constant pulling can cause hair strands to break or fall out, and can even damage your hair follicles. Plus, they are expensive to put on and maintain. Halo hair extensions are cheaper, require less maintenance, and they won't damage your hair or scalp.

The Easiest Hair Extension Install

Place On

Adjust the Halo

Pull Through

Style Your Hair!


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