5 Reasons

Why The Halo Is the Best Hair Extension

Why The Halo Is the Best Hair Extension


No Commitment

Extensions can be a pain to wear especially when you must put them on in sections or maintain their upkeep with expensive salon appointments. Our one-piece Halo Hair Extension is meant to be put on in just 3 easy steps so you can get on faster with your busy life.


No Damage

Glues, tapes, clips, and sew-ins can easily damage your hair and scalp and are quite difficult to take off (not to mention painful). They will irritate the scalp and rip out strands of hair. With our discrete Halo Hair Extensions, you can enjoy longer, thicker hair without compromise.


Change Your Style Frequently

Add volume and length whether your hair is wavy or straight, thin or thick, with the many hair extension options. Our Halo Hair Extensions can be easily dyed to a darker color to match your hair or any shade you desire. They are also made from heat-resistant fibers that can withstand your everyday styling products up to 250°F, like flat and curling irons, so you can truly lock in a natural finish and test out multiple styles!


Matches Every Hair Color

Halo Hair Extensions come in clear packaging so you can match your hair color to the extensions in the comfort of your own home without having to break the seal. If you decide your hair color isn't quite a match, you can send back the sealed bag within 30 days of your purchase and find a better match for your beautiful locks.


Easy to use!

The Halo Hair Extension is attached to a very thin, transparent fishing wire that gently wraps around the crown of your head like a halo to give you instant volume, length, and thickness in minutes. You can upgrade your look instantly!

© 2021, Untangled® Hair Extensions

© 2021, Untangled® Hair Extensions