The Truth

Here at Untangled®, we vow to untangle the hair industry one strand at a time. 

If you’re wondering where it all began...well, we’ll tell you - Mainly because we’re friends and this counts as some serious girl talk

When our team first set out to create a line of hair extensions, we were horrified at finding out where manufacturers sourced their materials.

During our deep delve into the hair extension industry, what we discovered were the harsh realities of what it takes to source human hair to make hair extensions, and it was anything but beautiful. 

Here's the big takeaway of what's actually going on:

Women with little means are often the victims of unjust payment, violence, and aggression in the hair trade market, especially in India, the mecca of human hair trade. These women have endured atrocities like having their ponytails chopped off without their consent as they walk down the street, or even being promised agreed upon prices for their hair, and never receiving full payment after the fact.

We decided that we wanted to enact change and be the voice for women who may not have one!

While we continue our relentless pursuit of cultivating relationships with fair trade vendors that ethically acquire donated hair, we are filling our shop with premium Synthetic Hair Extensions, because we believe in sourcing hair from the heart.

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