Hair Care on Vacation

We think it’s time for a VACA!

That’s right, it’s summer and the heatwave is officially here. Time to put in those PTO requests and get that OOO email prepped, because you’re #NotHairForIt, aka ON VACATION!

We’re excited you’ve finally booked your trip, but we have a couple of tips and tricks to help keep your hair feeling fresh and fierce while you’re out of town and soaking up some sun. Although the MAIN tip is to simply give your hair a break from all the things you do to it on the day to day, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your hair keeps its shine and health in tip-top shape. 


Tip 1: Get a Trim

Tip 2: Air Dry

Tip 3: Swim Prep

Tip 4: Weather Proof Your Hair

Tip 5: Protect your color

TIp 6: Extensions On The Go 

Tip 1: Get a Trim

Girl, you’ve got your Untangled® Hair Extensions waiting for you when you get back home, or, better yet, have them waiting for you in your suitcase once you reach your final destination - All this to say, don’t panic at the thought of a little trim. Frankly this is the perfect time to reset your hair habits as you probably won’t be heat styling it as much while you’re out of town anyways. So start anew by taking an inch or two off. Trust us, you'll look fresher than ever. 

Tip 2: Air Dry

Yep, you heard us. Leave those flat irons and curling wands at home - you won’t need them. Best part about vacation is - nobody knows you. So those little "flyaways" or pesky baby hairs won’t be too much of a headache in the heat of the moment. Just let them go. Pack a few fun accessories and statement headbands in your bag to tame some of those front pieces back if you feel like they’re unbearable. But remember - vacation is the perfect time to work alongside your natural hair texture, not in opposition of it. 

Tip 3: Swim Prep

As much as we want you to get in your pool time, make sure you’re protecting your hair in advance so you don’t suffer from too much damage. Unfortunately, chlorine can be rather harming to your locks and hair color. Our favorite tip is to wet your hair with distilled water and apply a dollop of conditioner to your strands prior to dipping in the pool water. This will help protect your hair, in addition to keeping it from becoming too tangled after your swim. 

Tip 4: Weather Proof Your Hair

Know before you go! Naturally you’ll want to look at the weather of the location you’re going to prior to embarking on your trip. If you’re going to a place that is extremely dry, be sure to pack a leave-in conditioner or even a deep conditioning pack to use once or twice if you’re staying for an extended period of time in this location. If you’re going somewhere humid, on the other hand, bring a frizz-control hairspray or even a light-weight mousse to help control your natural hair texture when you let it air dry, per Tip #2.

Tip 5: Protect your Color

The sun can totally affect your hair! If you are concerned about the rays taking a toll on your beautiful hair color, we recommend opting for a hat. Just like you need to protect your skin from the sun, your hair is no different. Dark hair can appear dull and blondes appear brassy with too much sun exposure, so preserve the integrity of your hair color by accessorizing with purpose and opting for shaded spots to chill out when you can. 

Tip 6: Extensions On The Go 

Reserve a little space in your travel bag to stow away your Untangled® Halo Hair Extensions for you to use on your nights out while on vacation. Go ahead and store them in the same bag you received them, along with your pin tail application comb. Once you get to your hotel, pop them out of your bag and rest your halo hair extensions on a hanger so they’re ready to be worn and shown off <3

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