Winter Hair Color Trends

  1. Sombre Babylights
  2. Mocha Highlights
  3. Smoky Blue and Aubergine Curls
  4. Vibrant Copper


It’s that time of the year again where the temperature drops and people are starting to get ready for the holidays. Some of you might already be done with your gift shopping while others are still contemplating on which ones to get. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, one thing is for sure. You have to be prepared for winter.

Get those coats and winter boots ready for another beautiful winter season. Winter can mean a lot of things to different people. It can mean a break from work. It can also be a time to reconnect with family and friends. But to us, it is an excuse to change our hair.

Sombre Babylights

Bring some cheer and energy to the winter with this hair color. Keep your hair long and go for two shades of highlights over a medium brown base. In the dark days of winter, it’s time to shine bright with this simple yet beautiful color.


Woman showing off hair with highlights, for Untangled


Mocha Highlights

For the brunettes, warm up your brown tresses with rich mocha highlights. If that is not enough for you, adding caramel tones would definitely complete your winter look.


Woman showing off hair with mocha highlights, for Untangled


Smoky Blue and Aubergine Curls

Winter means snow and cold. If you really want daring winter colors, maybe bright blue highlights are to your liking. Smoky Blue and Aubergine are also cool options for you. Vary the shades to get the depth that you want.


Woman with slightly wavy hair with her back turned, for Untangled


Vibrant Copper

To all the redheads, it’s time to live up to being a “fiery redhead”. Emphasize your red locks by wearing Vibrant Copper for your hair. This color is just warm to the eyes and is perfect for the winter.


Redhead lady with her back turned, for Untangled

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