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UPDATE: Switching Warehouses

Hello All, 

We've recently announced big news - that Untangled® is currently switching fulfillment centers. We wanted to give an update on our progress! 


Untangled® is a small, American start up company with big dreams. We believe that women should not have to suffer in order to give other women the hair of their dreams. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in synthetic hair extensions so you can feel confident without the sacrificing of another woman's confidence or overall well being. Your satisfaction is therefore our top priority, and we could not be more appreciative of your continuous support, especially in these transformative times for our business.


As Untangled® continues to grow, we are working hard to finish the set up of our bigger and newer fulfillment center in sunny California, USA. Again, thank you so much for your patience as we make this trying transition. Below are additional details and please, don't hesitate to reach out for any additional inquiries - we're here to help! 

  1. What does this mean for me?
  2. You’re not accepting returns? What if I want to return my item(s)!
  3. Why are you making this change?
  4. What is the new address for returns?

What does this mean for me? 

Our shipping and returns address is changing (more info to come soon!). In the meantime, we are not accepting returns over the next 20 days. Any return that’s sent to our current returns address may be subject to additional shipping and handling fees. 

You’re not accepting returns? What if I want to return my item(s)! 

While we hope that we can work with you to troubleshoot any product issues you might have, we understand that our products aren’t for everyone. If you request a return within our 30 day policy, we will honor processing your return as soon as we’re back up and running! In other words, processing the return will just take longer, but no need to fret!

Why are you making this change? 

As Untangled® scales, we need a larger fulfillment center that can accommodate the needs of our customers and offer improved ship times

What is the new address for returns? 

Our new fulfillment center will officially be in California, USA. We will release the full address once our new fulfillment center is able to accept returns. We will send a follow up email that mentions our new forwarding address. 

Thank you so much for your patience, as we embark on growth together. We appreciate your understanding as we’re transitioning into a new fulfillment center. Thanks for being the best part of Untangled®.

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