Travel in Style with these Amazing Braids

Travelling is not just about having the freedom from work, from the hustle and bustle of the city or from anything we want to get away from. Travelling also gives us the opportunity to be creative on how we look and we can start from your crowning glory. You can go from a laid back braid to an all-out crazy hairstyle. 

Here are some of the best travel braids we’ve seen:

Simple 3-stranded Braid


This is an answer to a bad hair day. A basic hair braid that could give you the laid-back and simple look while travelling.


Simple 3-stranded Braid, for Untangled blog

Crown Braid


This can achieve both formal and casual look, perfect for a dinner date by the beach.


Crown Braid, for Untangled blog


French Braid


If you’re planning to do some water activities or trekking, this will help you avoid those messy hair strands going to your face.


French Braid, for Untangled blog

Boxed Braid


Boxed braids are a more complex hairstyle that requires a very long hair to achieve this kind of look. But if achieved, can give a very amusing personality.


Boxed Braid, for Untangled blog

Cornrow Braids

This hairstyle originated from African fashion but is being carried by both men and women all over the world because of its cool style.


Cornrow Braids, for Untangled blog


Now, let the travel spirit guide you to whichever hairstyle you wish to achieve. Remember not to pull yourself back, you are in a different world (for now). Go big or pack your bags and go home, am I right?


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