DO's And DONT's: Tips For Healthier Hair

  1. Do Steam
  2. Don’t Scorch
  3. Do Use Hair Serum


Let’s be real here. We are never going to wake up with perfect hair every day. It is simply one of those things that we cannot control. What we can do however is to ensure that we have strong and healthy hair by following proper hair care. This, in turn, will also increase our chances of having that good hair day. 

To some people, hair grooming is just something that they need to do to become more presentable. It’s just an everyday routine that they have to go through without putting much thought into it. To us, taking care of our hair is so much more. We know the benefits of having great hair and one of them is the boost in our confidence. Confidence that can help us get through the day with minimal stress. In short, having a good hair day makes us feel a lot better ourselves. So, if you want that boost in your morale, check out some of these tips that can give you stronger and healthier hair.

Do Steam

Everybody loves to go to the sauna. It is the perfect remedy for aching muscles caused by exhausting physical activities. But did you know that our hair can also benefit from steam? Warm steam promotes blood flow deep in your scalp. It also has an added benefit of allowing each strand of your hair to absorb the maximum amount of moisture from root to tip. So use your favorite conditioner while in the sauna or while you’re taking that steamy shower.


Woman in a sauna relaxing, for Untangled


Don’t Scorch

It is impossible to avoid using our blowdryer, straightener or curling iron on a daily basis. We love these devices and who can blame us? They are versatile when it comes to styling our hair and they also make grooming easier. But be careful when using them. These things tend to suck out the moisture from our hair making them dry and frizzy. As we already know, this can lead to breakage and split ends. If you have coarse and thick hair, only use the high heat setting to remove the initial moisture. If you have thin hair, never use the maximum heat setting.


Woman in a bathrobe using a blow dryer, for Untangled


Do Use Hair Serum

Did I mention that we love using blowdryers and straighteners? Well since we are in love with these things, it is recommended to use hair strengthening serum every time you are going to use one of these hot tools. This creates a protective barrier that shields each strand of hair from direct heat. To apply, start from the tips and work all the way down to the roots. Once that is done then you are ready to start styling without damaging your hair.


Hair serum and natural shampoo in bottles, for Untangled

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