The Truth About Fake Hair Industry That No One Wants to Talk About

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It has been a known fact to almost everyone that nearly all hair extension trade company exploits women who are down and out. It has been out there for a long time, but most of us simply shrug our shoulders and look the other way. 

Sad Truth


Some of these women are promised a certain amount but would only receive half, sometimes less of what was agreed upon. While other women submit themselves to the fear that someday, someone’s going to chop off their hair, even without their consent.


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Test of Moral Compass


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about yourself by wearing someone else’s hair. But wouldn’t it be ironic if you know that what’s on top of your head is another person’s misfortune? Imagine being paid for $3 for your hair. This may seem quite small, but for the other parts of the world, this could mean a decent meal for the entire day. 


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We are the change.


We decided that wanted to be the voice of women who are incapable of telling their stories of exploitation. We disassociate ourselves from the stigma of how abusive fake hair industry is. We do this by encouraging a strong relationship with fair trade vendors that ethically bring in donated hair without compromising the quality of our Synthetic Hair Extensions. 


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