The Perfect Ponytail

  1. Decide Where You Want Your Ponytail
  2. Prepare Your Tools
  3. Brush Your Hair The Right Way


The humble yet stylish ponytail has always been a staple when it comes to hairstyles. It’s our go-to hairstyle if we want to look good real quick. You just need a scrunchie and you’re good to go. It is also one of the most practical to wear when doing physical activities. It keeps your hair off your face and keeps it that way until your done with your workout. It has been a staple because of how versatile and easy it is. Though it may be quick and easy to pull off, we have not yet perfected it. Truth be told, we may never get that perfect ponytail. But we can try. Let’s try making that perfect ponytail by trying out these steps.

Decide Where You Want Your Ponytail

Even a simple ponytail can have different variations. Before starting, decide where you want your ponytail. Do you want it at the same level as your temples or do you want it higher? Do you want a lower ponytail? Those different variations can have different effects. Higher gives you a more bouncy look while a lower ponytail has a sleeker look.

Prepare Your Tools

It took you a while but you now have the ponytail you want in your hand. You grab your hair tie to secure it and it snaps. Of course. What else would it do? This is the most infuriating thing that could happen when making a ponytail. It is also a good lesson for us. Always prepare your tools. Make sure that everything was tested and within reach. Stretch out your hair ties, clean your brushes and have bobby pins just in case.

Brush Your Hair The Right Way

We all know how to brush our hair but you need to do it a bit differently when going for this hairstyle. Make sure to brush it in the direction where you want your ponytail. This will avoid any bumps or frizz making it look sleek and neat.

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