The 411 On Our Halo Hair Extensions

  1. What are halo extensions?
  2. Who are halo extensions best for?
  3. How long do halo extensions last?
  4. Do halo extensions damage your hair?
  5. How do you care for halo extensions?
  6. Can I use hair dye on my extensions?


Whether you’re longing for rapunzel-esque hair or thicker strands that won’t slip out of your pinterest inspired braids -- hair extensions can help you achieve so many hair goals. While the whole world is talking about different types of hair extensions (clip-in extensions, sew-in extensions, hand-tied extensions, you name it) we can’t ignore how time-consuming damaging to your own hair, those methods are! That’s why we've curated the best easy-to-wear halo-extensions, to keep you looking flawless without the extra caveats. 

Wondering what halo extensions are and, more importantly, if they’re right for you? Whether you have dark brown hair or an ash blonde mane, keep scrolling for a complete guide including what halo extensions are, who they’re best for, and how to maintain them. 


What are halo extensions?

Before we dive into halo extensions, you need to know exactly what they are (and why so many people love them). Halo extensions are unlike all other extension methods.

These are the first type of hair extensions that aren’t physically attached to your hair. They are also the first kind of extension to not damage your hair and scalp!

Halo hair extensions are extensions that are strung together with an elastic band for easy application. The band itself can be adjusted on either side to fit your head. 

With halo extensions, one piece/weft of human or synthetic hair attaches to a very thin, transparent fishing wire that gently wraps around the crown of your head like a halo to give you instant volume, length, and thickness. 

With the right know-how and practice -- Halo hair extensions are also going to be the fastest form of application. With taking just minutes to transform your hair and upgrading your hair game instantly.


Hand holding the Nicole Halo Extensions by Untangled by the elastic band, for Untangled blog


Who are halo extensions best for?

While halo extensions are a quick and easy way to add length and volume to your mane, they’re not ideal for every hair length. If your natural strands fall any shorter than chin-length, halo extensions may not be the best option for you. 

For anyone that has hair chin-length or longer. Halo hair extensions are the best option as they will blend nicely and can be styled/curled with your own hair. 


How long do halo extensions last?

Halo hair extensions should last a while, depending on how you maintain/treat them. It will also depend on how often you are wearing your new extensions as well. If they are worn every day, they won’t last as long as a pair that is only worn once a week!

With the proper care and maintenance routine, halo extensions can last up to six months or longer. We just don’t recommend falling asleep in them, swimming with them or even showering with them. 


Do halo extensions damage your hair?

Like we said earlier, these are the only types of hair extensions that don’t damage your hair, because they aren’t actually faceted to your hair or scalp. 


How do you care for halo extensions?

The best way to keep your halo extensions in shape is to care for them just like your natural strands. But, make sure that for our synthetic extensions, you invest in gentle formulas or products labeled specifically for synthetic hair extensions or wigs. With these formulas, you should be able to wash them like normal without damaging them!

Like the hair that sits on your head, halo extensions can be prone to knots. So do your best to keep them tangle-free. And when you brush your hair extensions, make sure that you are using a detangling brush, like a wet brush to keep them fresh and not matted.

Also make sure that when you are drying your hair, you are cautious of how much heat your blow dryer is giving off. Don’t overheat your extensions, this will also decrease their life expectancy!


Can I use hair dye on my extensions?

Since Synthetic Hair Extensions are made from fibers, and not human hair, we do not recommend you use hair dye on darker shades of hair. Hair dye can be used on the lighter blonde shades of our synthetic hair. 

However, Remy Hair Extensions can be dyed like how you would dye your own hair. Those extensions will be launching at the end of the year.


You’re Sold -- Now What?!

If you’re wondering what color matches you best -- check out our color matching page, or contact our customer service team! They will be able to help you pick the best color for you. And you’ll be hitting the streets with your newest accessory in no time!


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