Stringy Hair Solutions

  1. Choose The Right Haircut And Style
  2. Choose The Right Haircare Products
  3. Eat Right


Having stringy hair just plain sucks. Your hair might look great in the morning but as the day goes on, it starts to look greasy, stringy and just plain dull. There are solutions but what causes your hair to be stringy in the first place? Fine hair can easily get tangled which results in a stringy and dull appearance. Another thing that causes this, is having oily hair. Excess oil can make the strands of your hair stick together - making it look not just stringy, but greasy too. If you’re one of the unlucky ones to have both fine and oily hair, don’t fret. Read on to find out what you can do to avoid stringy hair.

Choose The Right Haircut And Style

One solution to preventing stringy hair is as simple as getting a haircut. In general, it is recommended to get short to medium-length haircuts but if you want to know the exact length then a little examining needs to be done. When starting your day, just style your hair as usual. In the middle of the day, check which part of your hair becomes stringy. The length of your hair that becomes stringy needs to go. When choosing a haircut, go for the ones that have layers and bounce.


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Choose The Right Haircare Products

If you already have oily hair, avoid shampoos and conditioners that are formulated to hydrate or moisturize the hair. These products will just weigh down your hair and emphasize the stringy and greasy appearance. Instead, go for products that cleanse and add body and volume to the hair. As for styling products, avoid gels, mousses and hairspray. Just like hydrating and moisturizing shampoos, these styling products will only make your hair look more greasy and stringy.


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If you have a poor diet,it could be one of the causes why you have oily hair. If you are not getting enough of leafy greens, fruits and lean meat, the glands in your scalp will encourage the production of sebum which in turn causes your hair to become greasy, flat and lank. Start eating right. Not only will it solve your stringy hair problem, you’ll be healthier overall. Being physically beautiful starts with being physically healthy. Be disciplined and start eating healthier and nutritious meals.


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