Split Ends Treatment

  1. Dry Your Hair Gently
  2. Use The Right Tools
  3. Dry Before Using The Hairdryer


Getting the long and luscious locks that we’ve always wanted is a big challenge for most of us. It takes a lot of time to grow our hair and we need to make sure that it is healthy and well taken care of. If we just let it grow without taking the necessary steps to keep it healthy, it might look frizzy, dull and will develop split ends. And we already know what it means to have split ends. We start trimming to prevent them from splitting further. This makes it an even longer process to achieve the hair length that we want. It’s definitely the bane to those of us who want long hair.

Split ends are the result of the outer layer of the hair breaking away from the main shaft. This causes the hair strands to split apart giving them the distinctive forked shaped ends. Since the hair ends are the oldest part of the hair, this is where the splitting usually occurs. This hair condition is caused by many factors like dry hair, using too many chemical treatments and the weather. So how do we prevent or deal with split ends?

Dry Your Hair Gently

Always be gentle with your hair. Rubbing your hair dry with a towel may seem harmless but it can damage your hair. I am guilty of doing this, especially if I am in a rush to get to work. Our hair is most vulnerable during the drying process so we should be extra careful during this time. Instead of rubbing it, squeeze it dry instead. It may take longer but it will prevent split ends from developing. It just takes a little bit of patience to get beautiful long locks. It’s worth it.


Woman with her hair wrapped in a towel while holding a flower close to her face, for Untangled


Use The Right Tools

If you want to effectively deal with split ends then you need the right tools to do it. Don’t settle for cheap combs and brushes. Metal bristled brushes are a big no-no. Instead, go for brushes with natural bristles and combs made of wood. They are gentler on the hair which prevents damage and split ends. They may be a bit more expensive but you can see and feel the positive difference they will make.


A wooden comb, for Untangled


Dry Before Using The Hairdryer

Blow drying your sopping wet hair is just asking for a bad hair day. Let your hair dry for a bit before blasting it with your hairdryer. Squeeze the excess water out with your towel, wait for a few minutes to let it dry naturally before letting loose with your dryer. The less heat your hair is exposed to the better. Patience is the key if you want long beautiful hair.


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