How To Plan The Best GNO "Girl Night Out"

  1. Partners In Crime
  2. Be Thematic
  3. Signature Drinks
  4. Spoil Yourselves
  5. Happy Hours


Let’s face it. It has been getting harder and harder to go out with friends. Gone were the days that we can just have a random girl’s night out without having to worry about anything. These days, we have to plan things ahead of time just to have a girl’s night out. This is completely understandable as we have other responsibilities that take priority over other things. Us ladies still want to have fun though. Since having a night out does not happen often, we need to make it count. Ladies, it’s time to maximize our girl’s night out and make it more special and fun. Let’s nurture our female friendships.

Partners In Crime

The more the merrier but pick out those who are dearest to you. Keep the number of your group to under 5. This will keep your group more mobile and primed for maximum fun.


Three girls with their backs standing on a road, for Untangled


Be Thematic

If you’re planning to have a party at home, pick a theme for it to make it more interesting. Anything goes with this one. Since you’re with close friends, you might already have an idea of what their tastes are. Go ham! Surprise them!


Group of women with masks and holding champagne glasses, for Untangled 


Signature Drinks

To put the cherry on top of that thematic party, pick out a signature drink that goes well with it. Don’t know which signature drink to serve up? Ask the internet. You literally have an unlimited source of information at your fingertips. Just make sure to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. And of course, plan ahead so you can join in on the fun instead of just making the drinks.


Red wine being poured in a drinking glass, for Untangled


Spoil Yourselves

It’s not everyday that you and your gal pals are able to have fun together so when the opportunity comes to get together with your friends, you have to spoil yourselves. Been eyeing that fancy and expensive restaurant? Go with your girls and experience top-notch food and ambience. You want to pamper yourselves? Go to the spa and have a massage or facial together. It can be anywhere or anything. The idea is to make that night out count and memorable by treating yourselves.


Salmon dish with wine glasses in the background, for Untangled 


Happy Hours

Plan out your route if you are planning to hop from one bar to another for their happy hours. Keep in mind the bars’ happy hours and how long it takes to go from one bar to the next. Timing is the key.


Clinking two glasses of beer, for Untangled

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