How To Make Your Hair Shinier

  1. Cold Water
  2. The Right Brush
  3. Minimize Heat


We’ve seen all the commercials and ads. Both shampoos and conditioners' main selling point is all about giving us shiny and healthy hair. They always go hand in hand as healthy hair also means shiny hair. I mean, on what planet is dull-looking hair also considered healthy? Yes, depending on what works for your precious locks, the right shampoo and conditioner do help in giving you healthier and shinier hair. The keyword is “help”. If you read the small print on those bottles, they give instructions on how to properly use the shampoo and conditioner as well as tips for the best results. In short, you have to practice proper hair care methods together with those products to get the best results. So what can you do to make your hair shinier and more beautiful? Read on and find out.

Cold Water

Cold water has the ability to seal and smoothen the hair cuticles which causes moisture to be locked in, making your hair shinier. This is the same idea of using cold water to constrict the pores on your skin. So after using your shampoo and conditioner, douse your hair with cold water to get that amazing shine.


Shower head turned on, for Untangled


The Right Brush

Aggressively combing or brushing your hair can increase breakage and will damage your hair. Using brushes with nylon bristles can also cause damage even if you are brushing gently. Use brushes with natural bristles instead. They are not only gentle on your beloved locks but they also help in evenly distributing the natural oils giving your hair that natural shiny look.


Blonde woman brushing her hair in front of a mirror, for Untangled


Minimize Heat

We all love styling our hair. To some of us, it is an art form. Our fabulous locks are our canvas and our curling irons and straighteners are our tools. The hair blower is also an under-appreciated device when it comes to styling. These are great inventions and we love using them but it would be to our benefit if we minimize using them. The heat generated from these tools can wear out the hair’s cuticle making it dry and frizzy. This loss of moisture can also make your hair brittle making it prone to breakage. Give your hair a break and try air drying your hair instead.


Woman in a bathrobe using a hair dryer, for Untangled

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