Holiday Hair Styles - Christmas

  1. Triple Twist Ponytail
  2. Glossy Waves
  3. Half-Up Knot
  4. Slick Bun


With the winter season comes the holiday season. This time of the year is always associated with Christmas and of course those awesome Christmas parties. You’ve probably already picked a hairstyle for that party you are going to, but how about when you are just doing your Christmas shopping or just doing your everyday stuff. Not going to a party is not an excuse to look boring, or worse - dowdy. We have to look fabulous all the time. You can always pick any hairstyle you want but it would be even better if the hairstyle matches the mood that everyone is in. Join in on the Christmas mood by styling your hair to match this wonderful time of the year.

Triple Twist Ponytail

A ponytail looks great on almost anyone and is very easy to do. Let’s mix it up a bit or should I say, twist it up a bit. Divide your hair into 3 parts or sections. Twist the middle part down to your nape and pin it. Do the same thing with the left part. Twist the remaining section, which is the right part, and wrap it over the other two and pin.


Woman wearing a white dress sporting a ponytail, for Untangled


Glossy Waves

A simple hairstyle that looks absolutely fine. Create big loose curls using a large barrel curling iron. Brush down those curls to create that beautiful flowing effect. To finish the look, apply a generous amount of soft-hold smoothing cream. Keep the volume intact by avoiding the roots.


Woman with wavy brown hair, for Untangled


Half-Up Knot

This is easier to do than the triple twisted ponytail. This is the style you want if you are in a hurry but still want to look good. It’s a simple as taking two sections of your hair from both sides of your head, tie them in a double knot behind your head and pin. You are good to go.


Blonde woman sporting a half knot hairstyle, for Untangled


Slick Bun

This slick look can be a bit tricky. If not done correctly, you can risk looking like you just got off a swim. To pull this off, keep the top of your head dry. Use hairstyling gel to slick your hair’s ends and lengths. Wrap your hair around itself to form a tight little bun. Pin the ends to keep it in place. You can use light hairspray to finish the look and make everything look clean and sexy.


Lady sporting a bun with 2 people on the background, for Untangled


  • These are some very good ideas for any night out, or any special events. I will enjoy trying them!!

    Brenda Morgan
  • I’m interested in hairextentions and about what price range .

    Angie bowers

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