Fresh Styles for the Fourth of July 

Tis’ the season for backyard bbq’s and long evenings spent in the backyard with family and friends. Nothing screams summer’s here like the Fourth of July - the holiday that truly feels like a red, white and blue Summer Kick Off Party! 

Let’s be honest, this is a wonderful holiday to start early in the day with a brunch, but you know you’ll be out late to stay up and watch the fireworks!  With that being said, we want you to have some Fourth of July hair hacks that will take you from day to night, while still feeling stylish and trendy.


  1. The Night Before
  2. The Star Spangled Styles You Need 
  3. America’s Sweetheart
  4. Hot Dog Hair Buns
  5. Bandanna Babe

The Night Before 

Make sure to wash your hair the evening before the Fourth of July to prep it for the next day when you style. For best results, use a clarifying shampoo that will help strip your hair of any built-up oils. (You’ll want a deep wash in order to get your hair ready for a full day of being styled.)

If you really want to pamper yourself do a mask prior to using a clarifying shampoo for a spa-night prior to a day being out and about in the sun. 

The Star Spangled Styles You Need:

America's Sweetheart

We know...When you think baby’s breath you think that this type of flower is traditionally used for weddings...but trust us, it’s chic for a day out in the sun too!

A quick trip to your local floral shop or even grocery store for a quick bundle of this sweet flower can inspire you to incorporate it into your hair look in a way you may have not considered in the past.

Here at Untangled®, we suggest you style your hair as you normally would and then place a little bundle of the baby’s breath for a fresh pop of white in your style! You’ll have everybody doing a double take when they see a sweet floral touch in your hair. Style them into a braid, low ponytail, messy bun or even a bobby pin or two to a half up half down hairdo. 

Hot Dog Hair Buns

Trying to beat the heat by keeping your hair up and off your shoulders? We have a cute twist on buns that is both refined yet fun!

With a play on traditional festival space buns, we suggest you modernize your buns by twisting two or three right on top of each other depending on how much hair you have. 

This style is great for a day at the beach or potentially to prep your hair in the day so you can keep it feeling fresh with the intent of letting it down in the evening.

One of our favorite hair hacks is doing a full hair routine after washing our hair and then styling to our desired waves. Then in the morning we’ll apply our extensions for a boost of volume and added thickness. 

Once the extensions are in, twist the stacked hair buns up during the day so you can let it down for a special evening dinner reservation or event, with the perfect wave incorporate into the hair that took little to no touch up in the moment, so you can spend more time with your family, and less time fixing your hair in the bathroom.

Bandanna Babe

Last but not least, we can’t NOT include a bandanna hairstyle in a Fourth of July hair inspo post! Nothing beats an oldie but a goodie hairstyle - and to be totally honest, why fix what isn’t broken?

With your Untangled® Hair Extensions applied  you already have added length and volume, so headbands are truly an adorable hair accessory that is foolproof and so easy to execute. 

If you want to add a little extra kick to the crown of your hair too, add a texturizing spray  or volume booster to your roots and tease the top of your hair to create a little more of a lift. 

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