Fall Hair Color Trends

  1. Mulled Wine
  2. Blended Balayage
  3. Pastel Pink
  4. Dirty Blonde


We change our hair colors and hairstyles almost as frequently as we change our clothes or shoes. In this case, we change it to match the current season. This is the thing about hair that others do not understand. It is part of our outfit. We can have the nicest clothes and the best shoes but if our hair is less than perfect, then we might as well stay at home and catch up on our Netflix shows.

Just like our getup, color plays an important role in our overall style. It has to match what we are wearing, the event that we are going to and of course the current season. Let’s check out the different fall hair color trends and choose the one you like best.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine seems to be the color made especially for the fall season. It looks natural with its dusky shade of crimson and hints of brown. A reminder though, red hair color fades faster than any other color, so it is best to use color-preserving shampoo and getting a gloss every 6 weeks.


Mulled wine colored hair, for Untangled


Blended Balayage

Blonde or brunette? If you can’t decide between the two then go for the best of both worlds with Blended Balayage. This hair color goes for a soft fade from the dark roots to blonde hair that will perfectly frame your beautiful face.


Woman with blended balayage colored hair, for Untangled


Pastel Pink

If you’re adventurous enough, go for the different shades of pastel pink. There’s a reason why celebrities go for this color. It is just a fun color to experiment with. We love looking pretty but we also love to have fun. Go for it!


Woman with pastel pink hair, for Untangled


Dirty Blonde

Not up for experimenting but want something a bit toned down? How about rocking the color Dirty Blonde? Its shade is on the neutral side - exactly the shade of color you would expect to represent the season transitioning from summer to fall. 


Woman with dirty blonde hair, for Untangled

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