Matching My Eyebrow Color With My Hair Color

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  3. Brunette


We all have our own certain look and style. Our style reflects what our personalities are. In a way, it is part of who we are and because of that, we become so meticulous when it comes to looking our best. We need shoes that match our dress. Earrings and other accessories also need to be the right kind to highlight our overall look. Everything needs to be perfect to complete our personal style.

With all this talk about matching shoes, dresses and accessories, there is also something that we sometimes forget when dolling ourselves up. To look absolutely stunning, we need to make sure that our eyebrows match our hair colors. We spend so much time with our hair and outfit that we tend to forget that the eyebrows can make or break the look that we are going for. A mismatched color or worse, an uninspired eyebrow color can make your style look off or uninteresting. Remember, our eyebrows are considered the extension to our hair when it comes to beauty. We need to give them the attention they deserve. We all want to look good, right? So let’s check out the best brow colors to match your hair.

Red Hair

So you’re a redhead and it’s just so tempting to exactly match your brow color to your fiery red hair. Consider going for something warm that does not exactly match your red locks. Go for the light brown look with copper undertones. This will perfectly complement your hair and give an aura of warmth.


Curly redhead sitting on a wet street, for Untangled



There are varying types of blonde hair. This means that they also have different options for brow colors. If you have platinum blonde hair, go for the light ash blonde colored brow. Warm blonde hair goes perfectly with the light brown shade eyebrows. The idea is to deepen the shades of your brows to frame that beautiful face of yours. Start with a lighter shade then work your way up until you're satisfied with how it looks.


Blonde lady wearing a sweatshirt, for Untangled



If you’re a natural brunette with eyebrows shades darker than your hair, then just go with that natural look. Our eyebrows are meant to be darker than our hair. If you have warm brunette hair, you can color your arches the same color as your hair. Either way, you would look fantastic.


Brunette lady wearing a hat with a tree in the background, for Untangled


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