Dry Scalp Treatments

  1. Scalp Massage
  2. Consider How Often You Wash Your Hair
  3. Change Your Diet


A dry and flaky scalp is embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable. The worst thing is, it does not matter what the weather is or what time of the year it is. It hits you at the most inconvenient time. Imagine dancing on the dance floor. You are busting out your best moves but the flakes on your shoulders and head are the ones catching the attention of the people around you. It’s times like those that you just want to turn invisible and get out of there as fast as possible. How about visible dandruff on your shoulders while you are on a first date? It’s embarrassing just by thinking about it. Thinking about having dry scalp and how itchy it is, makes you want to scratch your head. When it comes to unwanted scalp conditions, it is probably in the top ten. The good news is, dry scalp is treatable. Read on to find out how you can treat dry scalp.

Scalp Massage

If your scalp is producing white flakes, try gently massaging your scalp. You can do this while applying shampoo or conditioner. It helps stimulate your scalp and increases blood flow to it which is great for the hair. Just be careful not to scratch it with your fingernails.


Black haired woman massaging her scalp, for Untangled

Woman massaging her scalp by Amalumy


Consider How Often You Wash Your Hair

Dry scalp can be caused by how often you wash your hair. Washing or shampooing your hair too often can cause the scalp to dry out. On the other hand, not washing too often allows the natural oils to build up and making your head itchy. Observe when you start to experience dry scalp and adjust your hair washing habits accordingly. If you experience it after washing every day, then you may need to do it every other day. If you get dry and itchy scalp after a few days of not washing your hair, then try washing every day. It is also recommended to consider which shampoo you are using. A specific shampoo formula or brand may work on one person but not for you.


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Change Your Diet

It might not be your shampoo or how often you wash your hair. It might be the types of food that you are consuming. Dry scalp can also be caused by nutritional deficiencies. Get enough vitamins B6 and B12 in your diet as they are great for the hair and scalp. Cut down on sugary foods as they can cause flaking and dry scalp.


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