How To Rock Your Look On Dia De Los Muertos?

  1. Day Of The Dead Hairstyle
  2. Day of the Dead Makeup


Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition to celebrate and commemorate friends and family members who have died, supporting them in their spiritual journey. The Day of the Dead is not complete without people dressing up in vibrant dresses and putting on colorful makeup and hairdo. 


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Day Of The Dead Hairstyle

  1. Apply your favorite volumizing mousse on your hair using a wide tooth comb and cover completely. You mousse will give your hair 4 times more body and volume.
  2. Dry your hair with a round barrel brush. Focus on the crown of your head which is where you want to create volume.
  3. Split your hair to the sides. Split your hair up in a ponytail leaving the front hair loose. Tease your hair for best results.
  4. Divide the hair in ponytails and curl each piece of the hair. Wrap each piece of the curl to your finger and pin it to the ponytail. To create more volume, pin one piece of curls on top of the other.
  5. Take both parts that were previously let loose and place both pieces under the pony tail. Curl the rest of the hair and pin it.
  6. Finally, hold everything together with your favorite extra hold hairspray. This is to maintain those loose curls last longer. 


Woman with make up and a flower on her hair on black background, for Untangled


Day of the Dead Makeup

  1. Make sure that your face is clean and dry before applying any makeup. Pull your hair up to avoid any hair sticking in your face while doing your makeup.
  2. Cover your face completely with white cream base down to your jaw. Avoid putting some on your neck.
  3. Apply a dark (black or gray) eyeshadow around your eyes, making it look like blackeye. Do it in a circular motion. Apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow outside the “blackeye” also in a circular motion.
  4. Create outlines of a spiderweb on your forehead. You can use your black eyeshadow and an angled lip brush.
  5. Color your entire nose with an eyeliner, not including your nose line.
  6. Using your angled lip brush and black eyeshadow, draw a line from both corners of your mouth all the way to your cheekbone. Do the same outline from your mouth to your chin area, just about your jaws.
  7. Draw some swirls on the lines you created. Be as creative as possible in choosing the colors and patterns of your swirls.
  8. Make some line from the upper part of your mouth to the lower part, creating a “teeth” on your mouth area.
  9. Add some crystals around your eyes for a glamorous, gothic look. You can also draw some flowers around using colorful palettes.
  10. You may use fake eyelashes to give more highlight to your eyes. 


Man and woman wearing make up, for Untangled


Now that your makeup and hairdo are done, complete your Dia de los Muertos look by adding a flower crown on your head and put on some vivid colored dress and you are good to go. 

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