Hairstyles from Day to Night


Not everyone is blessed with a head of thick, beautiful hair. We sometimes need to add volume and length in order to look fabulous. Good thing that hair extensions like Untangled®’s halo hairstyle is accessible and very easy to use. One snap and you have thick long beautiful hair that you can’t help but show off. And the hair extension is not just about rocking thick long tresses. You can incorporate these into hairstyles that you can wear from day to night.  We know how crazy and busy it can be - fortunately these hairstyles are very versatile - you can wear them at work, and to girls’ night out. 

High Bun 


This is a versatile style that you can use at the office, when attending meetings with clients and when going out with friends after work. 

  1. Attach your halo extenders and make sure it is secure. 
  2. Gather your hair loosely into a high ponytail. 
  3. After you have pulled your hair into a ponytail, twist the hair clockwise.
  4. Wrap the hair into a bun, secure the edges with a pin.


Side view of woman wearing a bun, for Untangled

High bun hairstyle by Style Craze


Side Braid


A fun hairstyle that you can wear when going out to the mall or lunch with friends. You can also wear this at night, with your favorite outfit for that perfect look.

  1. Attach your halo extenders and make sure it is secure. 
  2. Gather your hair to the side and part it in three even sections
  3. Braid your hair loosely, and secure the ends with an elastic band.


Front and back image of a blonde woman wearing a side braid, for Untangled

Side braid hairstyle by Sam Villa


Flip Pony


Give the classic ponytail a twist with the flip pony style. An elegant up-do in seconds. The perfect style to wear in the office and when you unwind at night.

  1. Attach your halo extenders and make sure it is secure. 
  2. Pull your hair into a low ponytail at the base of your neck
  3. Secure it with an elastic band. 
  4. Using your fingers, create a hole right above your ponytail and then flip the tail into the hole. 
  5. Gently pull the tail all the way through. 


Woman wearing a flip ponytail, for Untangled

Flip ponytail hairstyle by Wikimedia Commons

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