Look and Feel Good On Your Date with These Hairstyles

  1. Simple, sleek and straight
  2. Face-framing crimps
  3. Romantic waves
  4. Piled up in a bun


You have your dress all washed and ironed, your shoes are shined and your eyebrows are on perfect flick. Literally top it all off with the perfect romantic hairstyle for your romantic date night. You can keep your locks simple or go for a bolder hairstyle, as long as you feel good about yourself, you are going the right direction.


Simple, sleek and straight


If you want to look approachable or less intimidating on your blind date or first date, this hairstyle will look good on you. To achieve the overall effect of this minimalist style, while your hair is still wet, just before using your straightening iron, apply some shine spray on your hair to keep it sparkling for the rest of the night.


Woman with long straight hair wearing pink dress on pink background, for Untangled


Face-framing crimps


Having unwanted loose hair flying around your face can be annoying. If you are more comfortable wearing your hair up, be it in a bun or braid, leave a few strands of you hair loose for an instant softer look. 


Woman wearing denim jacket on pink background, for Untangled


Romantic waves


Let down your hair with your natural or permed waves for a more laid-back and carefree night. This hairstyle will show a lot of your personality and making your date more comfortable and at ease. Don’t forget your leave on conditioner to keep unwanted frizz in place.


Woman with long curly hair wearing red blouse, for Untangled


Piled up in a bun


It is almost always true that wearing your hair down can give you that glamorous vibe. But you can still be alluring and bold by throwing your hair up. Besides, your face can be your date’s perfect view. Carry that bun with your confidence and all else will follow.


Woman with tied up hair wearing maroon blouse on white background, for Untangled

Don’t stress too much! No matter what dress, shoes or hair you wear, always remember to wear them with confidence. The most important thing is that you choose a style that you are comfortable with, and one that shows off the real you. Girl, you are already beautiful. 

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