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Breast Cancer Awareness: What Is The Susan G Komen Foundation?

  1. The Fight To End Breast Cancer
  2. How You Can Help The Fight
  3. Time To Give Back


Breast cancer is a terrible disease that affects both men and women alike. In 2019, it is estimated that 41,760 women and 500 men will lose their lives due to this deadly disease and this is in the U.S. alone. How many more around the globe are suffering from this ailment? How many families will suffer as they watch their loved ones slowly slip away from them? We need to do something to help fight and end it.

The Fight To End Breast Cancer

This is exactly what Nancy G. Brinker set out to do when she founded the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This foundation came to be when she promised her dying sister that she will do everything to end breast cancer. The foundation has really come a long way from when it was founded in 1982. What most people do not know, is the foundation came from small beginnings. It started with just a few hundred dollars, a list of potential donors and a dream to eradicate the deadly disease. Fast forward to the present and it is now the world’s biggest nonprofit source of funding for the fight against breast cancer. They have invested more than $2.9 billion in research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in many countries around the globe. This massive effort resulted in 40% reduction of deaths caused by breast cancer. The most amazing thing is that they are just beginning. Their current goal is to reduce breast cancer-related deaths by 50% in the U.S. by the year 2026. As long as breast cancer exists, the Susan G. Komen Foundation will not stop their fight against it.

How You Can Help The Fight

The Susan G. Komen Foundation offers different ways for you to help support the cause. You can donate using your credit or debit card or you can make donations in memory of a loved one. You can also join The Promise Society which is composed of individuals who have given personally or through a family foundation a non-event-related gift of $10,000 or more during the calendar year. You can go to this link for more information about the different ways that you can donate. It does not matter which method you choose, rest assured that for every dollar you donate, 80 cents of it goes towards research, community-based health programs, education and advocacy programs.

Time To Give Back

It is not only individuals who can join the mission to eradicate breast cancer. This is also open to corporations, companies and businesses. That is why we partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation in this noble mission. For the month of October, $5 of every purchase will go to fighting breast cancer! Let us join together and do our part to support this fight.

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