Best Hair Accessories

  1. Bobby Pins
  2. Women’s Headbands
  3. Barrettes
  4. Hair Combs
  5. Scrunchies


When styling our hair, we cannot help but think of ways to make it look even more fabulous. We use hairspray, styling gel and even change our hair colors. The thing is, hair styling products contain chemicals that may be harmful to our hair after prolonged use. How about using hair accessories to give time for our hair to recover? Let’s check out the different hair accessories that you can try to make you and your hair look fantastic.

Bobby Pins

A classic is always welcome. You can go for the plain black or silver ones but jeweled ones are sure to make heads turn. Wear multiple bobby pins to amp up your style.


Multiple bobby pins on woman's hair, for Untangled


Women’s Headbands

Why is the headband on this list? For one thing, it is versatile. Put it around your forehead or along your head with the tips ending at your ears. You can also project your personality through it. Glamorous, rock or playful. It can be whatever you want. Have multiple headbands with different styles to fit your mood.


Woman wearing a red headband and red dress, for Untangled



Love doing your hair ponytail style? Spice it up by wearing barrettes. Just like the bobby pins, you can go with the classic metallic look or go crazy with those jeweled ones.


Barrette with kissing people design, for Untangled


Hair Combs

Side hair comb, hair comb clip and decorative hair comb are one and the same. Hair comb accessories are great for any occasion where you want your hair to look polished. And as a bonus, this is one of the few hair accessories that would still look great even if you are wearing jeans.


Comb engraved with diamonds, for Untangled



The ever so humble scrunchie. It’s amazing how something this simple is still being used by millions even with newer hair accessories available on the market. Do you want to make that ponytail look a bit more interesting? Wear a scrunchie. Don’t want to keep your hair back while washing your face? Wear a scrunchie. Its versatility and simplicity are what make it the most used hair accessory in the world.


Scrunchies with different colors, for Untangled

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