Bangs - How do I know if they're right for my face shape?

  1. Round Face
  2. Oval Face
  3. Heart Shaped Face
  4. Long Oval Face


All women experience this at least once in their life. While looking at our reflection in the mirror and scrutinizing our appearance, we eventually ask ourselves this defining question - should I cut my hair and get bangs or not?

Bangs soften, contour and take away years from our faces. But bangs is not for everyone. Not only does it demand a certain level of commitment akin to being in a relationship, not all face shapes look good with bangs. At best, your bangs will enhance and accentuate your best features. At worst, half of your face will be buried underneath the hairy fringe. So before you take the ultimate step and snip off your hair, check first if your face shape looks good with a fringe. Here are the different face shapes that look best with bangs.

Round Face


I bet you did not expect this. We think of bangs and we think short, straight cuts right across the forehead. If you have a round face, don’t cut your bangs that way. Instead, get side bangs. Cut them a little longer and sweep them to one side. This gives the illusion that your face is longer and narrower than it actually is.  

Oval Face


If your face is oval, then this is good news. You will look good with almost any kind of fringe/bangs. One of the best bangs for people with oval shaped faces? A shaped bangs. These fringes are cut long on the side, and parted in the middle, creating an A shape.

Heart Shaped Face


If you have a heart-shaped face, wispy, crescent shaped bangs will look good on you. These bangs are cut shorter on the center and longer on the sides, forming a crescent shape (hence the name).

Long Oval Face 


If you have an oval-shaped face but a bit on the long side (high, forehead, thin cheeks) then a heavy, blunt straight across bangs will complement your face. This will make your face look shorter and less narrow. 

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