Haircare: What You Are Doing Wrong

  1. Washing Every Day
  2. Too Much Conditioner
  3. Rough Towel Drying


We want our hair to look fabulous and to show it off to the world. It puts a smile on our face when someone compliments our hair. We get excited each time we try out a new hairstyle and have fun doing it. We wash it, curl it, straighten it and curl it again. We really put our hair through a lot just so we could look good.

Our quest to have the most beautiful and stylish hair can really take its toll. All the different types of products we apply on it and the heating tools we subject it to. Not to mention the environmental factors that it is exposed to on a daily basis. All these factors combined can damage and weaken our hair. With all the things that we do to make it look good, shouldn’t we also be making sure that we are doing everything to keep it strong and healthy? Even if you’re already doing the basics of hair care, there might be some things that you are doing that are actually damaging your precious locks. Read on to avoid these mistakes.

Washing Every Day

Our hair should be washed as often as needed. This can be misunderstood as washing it every day. That is why a lot of people make this mistake. Washing your hair every day will strip it of its natural oils making it dry and brittle making it prone to breakage. If you work out every day or sweat a lot, you only need to rinse your hair and scrub your scalp. Aside from that, it is recommended to only wash every two or three days.


Little girl taking a bath with soap suds on her face, for Untangled


Too Much Conditioner

Having a problem with greasy strands? You might be using too much conditioner. Only apply conditioner to the ends of the hair where it needs hydration the most. When using it, only apply a dime-sized amount and spread it evenly. If you need to use more, do not exceed the size of a quarter. Using too much conditioner and not applying it to the correct areas is only a waste of money and does not do anything for your hair.


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Rough Towel Drying

All of us are guilty of this at one point or another. This usually happens if we are in a hurry and want to dry off our hair as fast as possible. Vigorously rubbing your hair in an attempt to dry it off can cause frizz and damage the cuticles. Instead, gently blot it or even better, use a paper towel.


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