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Summer Hair Care!

Here comes the sun!

Just when we’re feeling completely uninspired by the gloomy weather, afraid it will never come to an end, a little sparkle of sun shines through the clouds and before we know it, it’s SUMMER! The summer season is the perfect time to travel, spend time with family and friends, and ultimately take it a little easier on ourselves with our beauty routine.

With all the fun and excitement surrounding the season, it’s important to not forget about caring for your hair health though so you can maintain your gorgeous style. Be warned though - the sun can cause some heat damage, chlorine can pull away some of your color and salty strands can building up on your scalp. But don’t worry - we’ve got your covered with these simple summer hair hacks.


  1. Get a Trim

  2. Accessorize

  3. Freshen it Up

  4. Go for the Ombre

Get a Trim

Nothing says new season like fresh cut locks. We know a trim is somewhat tough advice to hear, especially for all us girls who only want longer hair as quickly as possible. But, the truth of the matter is if you don’t trim, you’re in trouble. Taking about a half of an inch long won’t kill your length at the end of the day. In fact, cutting away some of those stragglers or split ends will promote overall hair health. This will allow the strongest part of your cuticle to grow, while having a cleaner and fuller look at your *not-split* ends.

You should be working with a stylist to get regular trims around every 8 to 12 weeks. Going in to a salon doesn’t have to be a break the bank moment or dramatic change. Often times when you’re working with a stylist they’ll trim up your length and layers for a fraction of the price a full cut would be. Also - if you’re scheduling with a stylist for the first time, this is service to schedule to test drive their skills to see if it’s a good fit moving forward.


With the sun beaming on our hair, our locks can lose some of it’s cooler tones that we want to preserve. So - stay away from overwashing your hair! The ends of your hair will stay fresh looking for a lot longer than your roots anyways. With that being said, you can pop on your favorite extensions to second or third day hair for added length and volume, and top the crown of your hair off with a cute hat or a headscarf to conceal any built up oils!

These accessories also don’t have to be anything crazy expensive either. You can find cute beach hats to rock all day long (beach or no beach) for under $20. Throw that on with a summer dress and cute gladiator shoes and you have a full boho summer look. If you’re not a fan of a full hat look, go for a thicker, fun-colored scarf to spice up your hair look and save your scalp from looking too oily (Don’t forget, oils aren’t  cute - but it happens to the best of us and it ultimately means your hair is healthy and we’re #HairForThat.)

Freshen It Up

Summer is the best time to make sure your products are doing you favors during the summer! If you’re a blonde, that pesky chlorine can sometimes leave your hair looking a little green - Yikes! Not to worry - a quick wash with purple shampoo can tone down that color, and if you’re a brunette with cool tones that are looking a little brassy from the summer sun, tone your locks with a blue shampoo. If you’re not seeing the results you wish you could from a quick wash, try letting the purple or blue shampoo sit on your hair for a few extra minutes in the shower before you completely rinse it.

Don’t forget our simple DIY Hair Mask Recipes. It’s amazing what a few household ingredients can do for the integrity of our hair. Read about it here! In addition to doing some self-care hair masks, don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate in the summer -It Affects Your Hair, TRUST US!

Go for the Ombre

Are you usually the girl who sticks to the same color at your hairdresser? We encourage you to switch up your routine and maybe add in a few extra highlights to blend with a fun “summery” balayage extension. Or squeeze some lemon over the ends of your hair before laying out by the pool for a natural “sun-in” effect. (Don’t do this too often, as it could dry out your hair, but every once in a blue moon won’t kill your hair)

With a couple lighter tones that bump up your overall look, summer hair will be yours in no time! Plus, your Untangled Halo Hair Extensions will be the simplest extension application ever! High-quality and easy - our kinda summer!

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