Welcome 2020 With These Incredible NYE Hairstyles

  1. Twisted Bun
  2. Slicked-Back Hair
  3. Braids
  4. Blunt Bobs
  5. Super-Straight Hair
  6. High Ponies


New Year’s Eve is the time to let go of your old self and welcome the brand-new you. This is the time to go big on your look, from your hair to your dress to your choice of shoes. Reinvent your style by displaying your perfect do.

Twisted Bun


Pull your hair back up and let your face do all the talking. This hairstyle is super easy to achieve without spending too much time and effort. Match it with your New Year’s Eve dress and let your beauty shine through the night.


Woman with twisted hair bun on green background, for Untangled


Slicked-Back Hair


Look sophisticated and confident with this slicked-back hairdo. It pairs nicely with a ball gown or a slouchy suit. Be as daring as possible from head to toe on your New Year’s Eve gala.


Woman with black hair on white background, for Untangled




Be a head-turner with your braids. Don’t be afraid to be playful and creative with your overall look. Recreate yourself as you welcome the new year with a blast. Don’t forget to have fun!


Woman with long braids sitting on staircase, for Untangled


Blunt Bobs


Flatter your face with a blunt bob and add dimension to your hair. This 70s revival is set to stand out and do wonders to your bone structure. It will look good on all face shapes. 


Woman with short hair on pink background, for Untangled


Super-Straight Hair


This hairstyle is back and is taking the fashion world by storm, so dust your hair straighteners as it will be a busy season for them. Flaunt pin straight hair perfect for a poker face and sexy black dress. 


Woman with straight hair on grey background, for Untangled


High Ponies


Look a extra playful with your high ponies. Pull your hair as high and tight as possible for a dramatic finish, complementing your entire outfit. 


Woman with blue curly hair on grey background, for Untangled

Say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 with an attitude as badass as your hair! Be sure to make the perfect hair possible with Untangled® Extensions (now buy 1 get 1 50% off)!

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