Mother’s Day Itinerary

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to remind mama bear how absolutely dazzling she is!

Instead of scrambling for last minute reservations or spending boatloads of money on something that will get pushed to the side after a month of two, we've put together a budget-friendly itinerary to give mom what she really needs - quality time and a little dose of R&R!

Morning Wake Up Call

Wake mom up with her favorite morning drink with a little extra punch.

Add a little flavor. Add a dash of cinnamon to her coffee and creamer, a few fresh mint leaves to her tea, champagne to her orange juice, or even a kick of a coffee-flavored liqueur to her morning brew, if that’s her style!

Make her surroundings special. Freshen up the house by lighting a couple of candles and turning on her favorite music station. Encourage mom to take a little extra time for her morning self care routine by gifting her a sweet Pampering Basket set up in her bathroom. In the basket, place a couple of fresh new washcloths, razors, soaps and shampoos for a little at-home spa feeling.

Getting ready can be special. Throw in a few surprises like a jade roller and a new straightening brush! The jade roller promotes lymphatic drainage and is best used when stored in the fridge the night prior to have a significant cooling on the face to decrease inflammation and puffiness. Tell Mom to use try the new hair tool for a quick fix for a refined look for her hair. The straightening brush is a low effort, high impact beauty tool that smooths out any crazy curls that make any unruly look polished and fresh.

Afternoon Picnic

Pack up the car with a blanket, lunch and a few fun activities to have an afternoon outside with mom!

Drive to a park with a pretty view for a leisurely afternoon together to catch up on work, life and all things family! On your drive over, make a quick pit stop at your local convenience store to pick up a few magazines for a light read as you both enjoy the fresh air outside, sipping some lemonade and nibbling on your packed lunch.

Gift mom with a few travel-friendly games for her to keep in her car to break out when she’s hanging with her girlfriends or other family members like Uno, paddle ball or even a mini Scrabble board. After getting a couple of hours of quality time outside, bring Mom back home to rent a movie on demand together!

Evening at Home

While mom is finishing up the movie, get a head start on prepping a meal for the family or just the two of you in the kitchen with a new, fool-proof kitchen item that will make your life easier while whipping together an easy meal. Plus you can leave the new item behind for mom to use the next time she’s in the kitchen.  

Cook mom’s favorite protein whether it be salmon, tofu, chicken or steak and throw it on top of a salad with a fresh home-made vinaigrette. Chop the cutting time in half with this new, life hack of a salad chopper! Add fresh romaine and spinach leaves with your favorite veggies, like tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, onions and cucumber in the chopper bowl to cut them all at once with this cool kitchen accessory. Combine equal parts organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar, the juice of one lemon along with garlic salt and pepper to taste, to create a light and refreshing dressing.

Plate your simple and delicious salad with a glass of wine and cheers to mom’s

Show the Love

Remind mom throughout the day how truly grateful you are for her in your life and be sure you’re keeping your eyes open for new and exciting product launches on that you could gift to mom on upcoming holidays.

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