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Tips for A Beautiful Braid with Halo Hair Extensions

  1. Second Day Dirty
  2. Curl It
  3. Texturize
  4. Braid Away
  5. Finishing Touches

Extensions are the perfect addition to making a beautiful braid appear more elevated for either a casual look or a dressed up style for a special occasion. But, it can be tricky knowing how to combine your natural texture with an extension for a natural finish. However, there are a few tricks of the trade that allow your hair to easily blend into halo extensions to create a seamless overall look from root to tip that is sure to turn heads and add a little variety to your day-to-day hairstyling!

Second Day Dirty

If you’re purchasing hair extensions, chances are your hair isn’t growing as quickly as you would hope or isn’t your desired thickness. Many factors can play into your hair status though. Regardless of your hair’s current state, any hair status can definitely be remedied by a quick halo-hair extensions application in conjunction with a good hair care routine. One of the main triggers for your hair not growing or appearing as healthy as possible,  could be perhaps you’re washing your hair too much. If this sounds like you, try washing your hair every other day until the oiliness isn’t too noticeable, at which point reduce the amount of washes per week to even less instances.

In addition, try switching up your shampoo and conditioner to one without a high concentrate of keratin or coconut oil, but rather a clarifying shampoo that will really deep clean your hair allowing you to wash less frequently. Once your hair is a minimum of one day dirty, it will have developed some natural oil and grit that will allow your braided style to have some serious volume!

Curl It

With your second day hair feeling a little all over the place, it can be challenging to achieve a sleeker look with your braids.

Here’s the trick: Style your own hair first!

With a wide-barrel curling iron or curling wand, add some beach waves to your hair, then do what you got to do for those pesky front pieces, like your bangs and wispy baby hairs. A smoother finish on the pieces of hair that frame your face will make your overall style look completely intentional versus just like a second-day “afterthought.”

If you are wanting to style your hair immediately after your wash and dry it, definitely go for some loose barrel curls on day one of being clean, as it will totally set you up for your second day hair to be already prepped and primed. In this case, you can skip this step on your second-day hair styling routine, and simply touch up any pieces that have fallen limp or flat to add in that texture again.


With all the additional body in your hair, the best thing you can do is make it LAST! At the end of the day you know your hair best, but now would be the time to add in your favorite hairspray, salt spray or texturizer.

If you feel like your roots are looking oily, add in a light tap of baby powder or dry shampoo to eliminate some of the excess oil. If the curls are sticking together, spray in a salt spray or a texturizer. Depending on the integrity of your hair you can trial and error how much product your hair can actually handle! Salt sprays for instance can be layered depending on the  desired look of beach that suits your hair best.

Finally tame any fly aways with a light-hold hairspray to rid yourself of any stray hairs that are simply not doing you any favors (Don’t worry, we’ve all got’em.)

Braid Away

First things first - Apply your Untangled Halo Hair extensions as you would normally. Once you apply your hair extensions you’ll be able to gauge what you need to do to ensure an overall blend. Since you already have incorporated waves into your own hair, the transition from extension to your natural hair will be EASY!

Either touch up your hair on a very low heat setting, since your synthetic hair is already applied, or perhaps add another layer of texturizing spray to blend your natural hair with the additional halo hair, if necessary.

Now It’s time to get creative! This is the skies the limit part of getting your perfectly fresh and fun hair style. The most important thing to remember is to NOT. BE. INTIMIDATED.

Braids can oftentimes look complicated upon first glance, but with a little practice you can definitely achieve a quick and easy braided style.

Whether you're sticking with a simple 3-strand braid or spicing it up with a fishtail, waterfall or dutch style, you should always create the original look as tightly as possible. A sleeker look to start out with will ensure that you’re collecting all the hair in a uniform manner! Don’t worry about a couple of missteps or unwanted “bumps” - those can be fixed. Tie off your hair with a clear elastic for a simple end to your braid.

Finishing Touches

Once your hair is braided as desired, the best thing you can do is to let go of perfection and pull apart a few of the pieces to create a more “lived in” look. This technique will allow you to embrace that second day hair through looking effortlessly styled.

Finally pull out your bangs and the smaller pieces of hair out that naturally frame your face. Chances are these pieces are your natural hair and not your halo extension, so feel free to also touch anything up with a flat iron or curling iron on a low heat setting.

If you feel like your hair needs one more small sweep of hairspray, take an old toothbrush, apply the hairspray and gently swipe the brush over any fly aways to lock in your look.

Now go rock your beautiful braid with your halo extensions with confidence! Stay tuned to our Untangled blog for more helpful hair hacks, tutorials and tips to help you achieve your everyday glam!

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