Holiday Party Planning Hacks

  1. Book the Venue in Advance
  2. Write Down All Expenses
  3. Check the Guests
  4. Make Your Purchases in Bulk
  5. Prepare Something for Everyone


Everyone loves a party – it is fun, you get to spend the day (or night) with friends, with plenty of food and drinks. What most people don’t realize is that planning a party is a stressful undertaking. You don’t just casually throw in food and drinks and random people and expect the party to be a success. It takes careful planning to make sure everyone has fun. If you're doing it during the holidays, it will need considerable time management and planning skills in order to pull it off successfully. Good thing we have a few planning hacks up our sleeve that will help you plan a fantastic holiday party - minus the stress.


Book the Venue in Advance


Parties during the holidays are a given. If you’re the one in charge of the preparation, reserve the venue as early as three or four months before the date, as most venues are fully booked during the holidays.

Write Down All Expenses


Anyone planning a party knows full well how easy it is to exceed the budget. We pay attention to catering expenses, venue and drinks but we sometimes forget those little extra expenses – like tissue, plastic cups, and decors. These extra expenses all add up to a considerable amount if we’re not careful. That’s why it is important to write down every minute detail and its equivalent expense.

Check the Guests


You need to set the vibe for the party, and for that, you need to consider your guests. From the decor, to the activities, to music – choose something that the guests will enjoy. If the guests are mostly families with their kids in tow, club music and flashing disco lights might not be a good idea. You need to make the atmosphere more relaxed and kid friendly – include activities that kids can participate in and make sure the food includes food that most kids enjoy.

Make Your Purchases in Bulk


We all know how stressful holiday shopping is. If you need to buy stuff for the party, plan it in advance. Make a list of all the items you need. List all the items that can be purchased from one store/location.  This will save you time, and you might even score discounts from bulk purchases.

Prepare Something for Everyone


It’s practically impossible to design your menu to accommodate every guest’s dietary restriction. A better option is to have selections that the guests can choose from. Don’t forget to include a vegan dish and a gluten free dish. Make sure these dishes are also carefully selected and delicious.


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