How do you tell good quality synthetic hair extensions from poor quality?


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  2. The Color
  3. The Material
  4. The Application Experience
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What to look for

When investing in hair extensions, you should take special note in the details. 

We can all agree hair is a personal subject matter - one that’s sensitive, ever-changing and (if we’re being real) EXPENSIVE. With that being said, it’s important that we take care in selecting products that make us feel beautiful thanks to their high quality nature and premium results. We know you’re investing, so let’s call out some facts you need to consider...

Our first line of hair products we’re launching in our Untangled® shop is Synthetic Hair Extensions. The best part about these extensions is not only their affordability, in comparison to remy hair extensions (coming soon!), but also their quality! And let us tell you - we searched high and low for a phenomenal manufacturer who created hair with integrity and delicacy, knowing that synthetic hair can frequently look and fake and plasticy. AKA GROSS and not cute…

These were some of the things we were looking at when sourcing our hair, and we want you to look for the same things when purchasing hair extensions for yourself. 

The Color

Is your hair extension company keeping up with the trends? 

Hair colors are a hot button topic. There are trends, but also there are gorgeous hues that prove to withstand the test of time, at least for our everyday gals. 

Your extensions should without a doubt match the undertone of your own hair color. When color matching online, make sure you’re reading the fine print to truly understand the tonal qualities of the extension. If you have warm undertones in your hair, an extension with a cooler undertone won’t fly. In fact, it’ll hurt your cause, way more than help - and we’re NOT. HAIR. FOR. THAT. 

If you’re not sure if your hair has cool, neutral or warm undertones, be sure to ask your stylist next time you’re at the salon.

Here’s a general overview though in the meantime:

Cool Undertones: Cool undertones are generally known as Ash and Beige Colors.  They are cool because they have blue, violet or green pigments

Warm Undertones: Warm undertones are known as Red, Gold and Copper Colors. They are warm because of their yellow, red and orange pigments.

The Material

Our synthetic extensions are made from high-temperature heat resistant synthetic fibers, meaning they’re about as top notch quality you can get, without purchasing a remy extension made with human hair. Some synthetic fibers, if not heat resistant, will melt with any additional heat - causing them to lose their shine, smell like rubber, last for minimal periods of time and appear all around NOT NATURAL.

We’ve invested in this high grade fiber in order to ensure a better blend between the extensions and our own hair. The subtle impurities of low-quality extensions are usually the ones you can by just about anywhere. However, people will notice - and not in a good way.

With high-temperature heat resistant fibers, our extensions can actually withstand a low heat setting, meaning you can use your hot tools products (*at a low temperature*) to mimic the texture of how you would normally style your hair. 

We’ve seen first hand how a few extra touches to the extension can really help ensure your extensions look seamless and vibrant, despite the fact they aren’t actual made from real, human hair. 

The Application Experience

The application of extensions shouldn’t be rocket science. We know you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time to spend 1-hour applying their hair extensions everyday. In fact you literally have what feels like one minute to get your hair presentable before you rush out the door. 

Our halo wire is so easy to use. Carefully adjust the strap of the halo wire on either end to fit your head comfortably and apply by simply placing the extension at the crown of your head. It’s easy and fool proof, while still giving you plenty of wiggle room to pull through your own front pieces and layers to create a natural finish. 

Also it’s important to note, that after your extensions are applied, you should be able to style your hair in half up, half down looks as well as low ponytails in an easy fashion. If your extensions can’t deliver a natural finish with simple hair styles, we know we have a problem. 

But, be sure you find that sweet spot of where to rest the wire on the crown of your head when getting used to applying your hair extensions. This will ensure your ability to rock your hair with your preferred looks. 

The Takeaways 

Find extensions that match your hair color, withstand a low grade of heat, blend easily with your own hair and require easy application - then, you’ll be golden! 

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